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Ancient Stone Sculpture

Morva Stone has been established by architects to provide a new level of service in the stone industry. At Morva Stone, we provide you with local and imported stones of the finest quality. Moreover, you will also have the opportunity to see how your actual finished projects will look. You, your designer, your contractor, or fabricator can tell us which stones you are considering for your project. We can then generate photo-realistic renderings of your space and images of the end results so you can compare them and make a choice.

The two co-founders of Morva stone have combined their expertise coming from different backgrounds: being in the third generation of a family that has been in the stone business for 62 years; acquiring design knowledge from attending Boston Architectural School and holding a Master's degree in Architecture from Northeastern University; being a designer and then being promoted to being a manager at BH+A a top architectural design firm in Boston; owning successful retail businesses in Boston for over ten years.

 Morva stone’s mission is to help small and large fabricators, homeowners, architects, contractors, developers, or anyone interested in our products. We aim to inform them of current trends in design. We are not only bringing the world’s finest stones to our consumers, but we also help them to choose the right products considering applications, specifications, patterns, colors, and more.

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