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Elevating Elegance: An Ode to Infinity Porcelain in Our Weston House Project

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

At Morva Stone, we pride ourselves on delivering not just quality, but a refined elegance and unmatched durability to every project we undertake. This ethos was vividly brought to life in our recent endeavor, the Weston House Project, where we significantly enhanced the aesthetic and functional value of a home using the exquisite Infinity porcelain from Italy.

Infinity porcelain, hailed for its superior quality and large-size slabs, is an epitome of the marriage between high-end technology and aesthetic appeal​1​​2​. For the Weston house, we employed three different thicknesses of these porcelain slabs; 6mm (1/4") for the flooring, 12mm (1/2") for the fireplace surrounds, and 20mm (3/4") for the kitchen countertops. This variety not only provided a coherent visual flow but also met the distinct functional needs of each space.

The choice of porcelain was particularly influenced by the Marble collections from Infinity. The floor was adorned with the Calacatta Oro, known for its elegant white background and dramatic veining. It brought a touch of classic Italian luxury to the space, reflecting a sophisticated yet welcoming ambiance.

Our fireplaces weren't left behind in this transformation. One was graced with the Hermitage collection, known for its warm and earthy tones, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in the living area. The other fireplace was enveloped in Nero Marquina, a black porcelain with white veining, adding a touch of modernity and contrast to the space.

In total, we utilized around 40 slabs of porcelain, and the result was nothing short of breathtaking. The value added to the house was significant, mirroring the timeless beauty and durability of Infinity porcelain slabs which are known for their exceptional technical performance​4​​5​.

For the kitchen countertop, we chose the Calacatta Magnifico, a newer addition to the Infinity range, characterized by its large, smooth slabs and nature-inspired veining​3​. This choice not only elevated the aesthetic appeal but also promised durability, stain resistance, and ease of cleaning, ensuring the kitchen remains a functional and beautiful hub of the home.

Investing in porcelain, especially from a historically renowned center of ceramic excellence like Italy, is investing in a timeless aesthetic, durability, and an enduring home value. The Weston house is a testament to this; a perfect blend of modernity, luxury, and functionality brought about by the exemplary Infinity porcelain.

We invite you to experience this blend of art and utility that not only stands the test of time but also brings a slice of Italian elegance right into your home. Visit us at Morva Stone, your exclusive distributor of Infinity porcelain in New England, and let's transform your space into a haven of luxury and practicality.

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